Dover-Eyota Video Network (D-EVN)

The 2020-2021 broadcast season is concluded (as in past years, there won't be coverage of Spring Sports), but watch this space as the Fall Season for the 2021-2022 School year approaches for the sign-up and schedules of the broadcasted events! In the Meantime you can still Watch the games, matches and events from 2020-2021!

D-EVN LogoAbout D-EVN: D-EVN was created in with assistance from the NFHS Network in the fall of 2015 to create a web-based way for fans and parents of Dover-Eyota Athletics and - hopefully down the road - Activities to watch those events live and on-demand from essentially anywhere! It is hoped that community events can also be a part of the efforts of D-EVN in the near future

D-EVN is VOLUNTEER DRIVEN, which means: D-EVN NEEDS YOU! That's right, YOU!  We need volunteers to run cameras, be announcers, and to run the graphics. From the Winter season of 2015 until now, we had some students, along with parents & school staff that were willing to help out and produce games for livestreaming and on-demand. As the years have come and gone, D-EVN has generally seen fairly steady coverage of the Fall and Winter home games and matches. Volunteers are always needed! For more information on how you can help out, see the "Help D-EVN!" link to the left, or go to the Schedule and Sign-Up link on the left to sign-up for one or more events!

In the meantime, everything D-EVN produces can be watched on the NFHS Network website (note: for much of 2020-2021, Facebook Live was used, and no subscription of Facebook account is needed for watching events on that platform during the 2020-2021 school year. D-EVN will be returning to the use of the NFHS Network for the viewing platform in 2021-2022). To help offset costs for equipment, the NFHS Network is a subscription-based site, but 50% of those subscription fees go directly to Dover-Eyota to help support D-EVN. Also note that fee-based viewing is only for "competition-based events" (varsity basketball, soccer, football, softball, etc.), and only for live viewing, or for the first 72 hours of on-demand viewing after the event. You will need to create a username and password as well, but that is free.

D-EVN has begun to maintain consistent coverage in the Fall and Winter seasons, and is hoping to add the Spring Sports once a good way to protect the equipment can be set-up.

D-EVN is modeled somewhat after Chatfield's CCTV ("Chatfield Community Television") and Hutchinson, MN's HCVN ("Hutchinson Community Video Network). Dover-Eyota's Technology Director, Bryan Berg, is from Hutchinson and was in the same Technology role at Chatfield Schools back in 1998 and helped build CCTV from the ground up at that time. He learned from HCVN's model to to start small and grow slowly. In Chatfield the support from the City, the School and the Community was tremendous, and after a slow growth period of about five years, CCTV was able to hire a person to oversee its schedule and its volunteers. With continued support from both student and community member volunteers, CCTV has now produced home high school varsity games, meets and matches, along with public meetings, school and community concerts as well as the yearly HS Graduations and Chatfield's Western Days Parade every year since 2001. D-EVN hopes to follow in those footsteps and provide those same services to the School District, as well as the cities of Dover, Eyota, Viola and the surrounding area! Again, D-EVN needs you! You can record video for community events to be shown online as a "video on-demand" option, or help out with the scheduled sporting event recordings/streaming broadcasts. Have some fun and volunteer with us!