D-EVN works through the NFHS Network

So, what is the NFHS Network?

The NFHS Network began in August 2013 (see more information in an online article here: https://www.nfhs.org/articles/nfhs-network-begins-second-year-of-covering-high-school-sporting-events/). The "NFHS" stands for "National Federation of High Schools", and is the national governing body of the various state-level High School Leagues and Organizations. The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) is a part of the NFHS. 

The NFHS Network got started with a sizable number of those State Organizations signing on to support it. Today, only a handful of those State Leagues are not "officially" signed up (the MSHSL is among them, however, there are negotiations taking place. The present Television contract that the MSHSL has with KSTC and Prep45 are reasons that the MSHSL hasn't become "official"). Video productions by any school on the NFHS Network can be viewed by any user once they have a login, or a subscription, 

The NFHS Network provides the software for productions and an online "portal" for the schools to use for fans and parents to find and view the videos the school creates. The software, the portal and technical support the schools receive are provided to the schools for free. The NFHS network is supported through the use of membership subscriptions which is splits with the schools. Schools are also free to augment their production budgets by havig paid "sponsors" (kind of like "commercials"), and the schools can keep all of that revenue if it is generated that way. Watch a promo video done by the NFHS Network (it even has a spitting image of the Dover-Eyota Eagle mascot in it!)

Schools have to provide the equipment to create the productions: a computer to run the software that helps with the producing and uploading of the video, a camera, a capture device that connects the camera to the computer, and equipment (such as headsets and an audio mixer) for announcers. And of course, the school has to provide the people to run the equipment! (See the Help D-EVN link to the left!)

We are excited to be in partnership with the NFHS Network to help us produce events for Dover-Eyota and our communities!