How do we produce the videos for D-EVN?

With the equipment that we have, and the software and webspace from the NFHS Network (see "About the NFHS Network" link to the left for more information about that organization), the process is actually pretty easy!

In a nutshell, the sound from our announcers connects into our camera's microphone. From there, the camera sends its sound and video to the computer, and the computer receives that and we use software from the NFHS Network, coupled with the computer's network connection to stream the video out to Dover-Eyota's NFHS webpage. Some events we can stream live, others we have to provide as a "tape-delay" depending on factors such as network availability at an event, and rules regarding broadcasts of High School games and events.

The connections are pretty straightforward and the process for setting things up is also quite simple. That means that volunteers don't need to know all the ins and outs of broadcast technology. They can do some simple steps, and then they can concentrate on the fun parts like announcing, running the camera or handling the graphics!

Once we're done with a production, there are just a couple of simple steps (and we provide the how to instructions!) to finalize the production for on-demand online viewing, and that's it! Another game production is complete!

Now that you know how easy it is, come and be a part of the D-EVN crew! We need you! See the "Help D-EVN" link to the left, or contact Bryan Berg at ! It would be great to have you!