The D-EVN Logo! School and Community!

The D-EVN logo is all about its purpose - to cover events from Dover-Eyota Schools and the Communities in the District it is a part of: Dover, Eyota and Viola.

D-EVN is taking baby steps as the seasons have gone by. We are seeing what can be done and what can be maintained before taking on more events, and trying additional features. The initial focus was in the Winter Sports season with Boys and Girls basketball. Fall sports and Wrestling became part of our coverage in 2016-2017 with a great dedicated volunteer crew. We added some boys soccer coverage when volunteers were available in 2017 (the first year of boys soccer as a Dover-Eyota only sport!), and after struggling with finding volunteers to do volleyball matches the first couple of seasons, we had a great volunteer make those a reality in the Fall of 2018! Then, for 2021-2022, the new automated Pixellot Camera technology was incorporated in two locations (the varsity gym and the soccer/football field) and those systems have allowed D-EVN to provide consistent coverage of varsity and JV/9th grade athletics at those venues!

While Spring Sports continues to be a challenge, D-EVN hopes to continue providing as much coverage as possible once again this school year! We are always in need of volunteers for the coverage! Please help any way you can!

As D-EVN moves forward - and we are hopefully able to continue to maintain the fun and momentum of these first several years of coverage - we hope to start including community events for the future. Events such as the Eyota Days Parade, the Viola Gopher Count Parade, City Council meetings and School Board meetings are all Community-themed events that D-EVN would like to make available as volunteers and other resources become more readily available

The D-EVN logo reflects exactly what D-EVN is and hopes to be - a community resource, powered by volunteers with help from the School District that it originates from!

Hopefully you can help be a part of what D-EVN hopes to do now and in the future!