THANK YOU to our D-EVN Volunteers and Partners

It has been great to have had such a fun collection of parents and community members that have volunteered  for D-EVN since the online broadcasts began in December of 2015!  D-EVN also wants to give a big THANK YOU to the Dover-Eyota Eagles Foundation for their grant, which will allow D-EVN to provide a $5 stipend for each volunteer/event through the 2016-2017 and the 2017-2018 school years! As of the end of the 2016-2017 spring sports season, the grant - which was originally awarded in the spring of 2015 - has allowed us to provide $540 of stipend pay to our volunteers, who have provided their time to make 32 events available online in 2016-2018!


Below is a list of our volunteers, season by season. We can always use more! 

Our first season of broadcast coverage had a great group of initial volunteers to help make those productions a reality. Thank you to the following that gave us the ability to broadcast nearly every home girls and boys basketball game in 2015-2016
Gwen Ahern
Tim Andring (and his daughter!)
Bryan Berg
Ben Callahan
D-E B-squad GBB Players to run camera for the Varsity GBB home games
Mike Callahan
Mike Carolan
​Bobby Mason
John Ostrowski

Our Girls Soccer volunteers for the Fall of 2016, Fall of 2017 and Fall of 2018! Thank you!
Sarah Birkholz
Mikki Tuma
Foster Birkholz
Marly Tuma
Morgan Tuma

Our Football coverage Team for two Fall 2016, the Fall of 2017 and now into 2018 as well! Thank You!
Damon Hammel
Jake Robinson
Mary Robinson
Tyrel Clark
Katie Kellen

Our Winter Sports Season collection of volunteers for 2016-2017, and again for 2018-2019. Many helped out with all the sports the past two seasons: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball and Wrestling. The efforts of these people allowed D-EVN to provide broadcast coverage of nearly every home Varsity event we had the last two winter seasons! THANK YOU!
Gwen Ahern
Michelle Anderson
Scott Anderson
Mahala Anderson
Bryan Berg
Ben Callahan
Chris Callahan
Tyrel Clark
Scot Field
Katie Kellen
​Brody Kellen
Kurt Olson
Jake Robinson
Tanner Welsh
We are looking forward to adding more names to our volunteer list! Please join us for 2018-2019!! See the links at the left for more info and to sign-up!