Riding the bus is a privilege not a right.

Bus Rules

1.    Immediately follow the directions of the driver
2.    Sit in your seat facing forward
3.    Talk quietly and use appropriate language
4.    Keep all parts of your body inside the bus
5.    Keep your arms, legs, and belongs to yourself
6.    No fighting, harassment, intimidation or horseplay
7.    Do not throw any object
8.    No eating, drinking or use of tobacco or drugs
9.    Do not bring any weapon or dangerous objects on the school bus
10.  Do not damage the school bus
11.  Be ready for the bus at your pick up point five minutes before it is to arrive.
12.  You can wait for the bus - the bus cannot wait for you.

Consequences of NOT following the rules: 

1.  Driver will attempt to handle all situations first without the use of administration
2.  Driver will assign student to a seat
3.  If student continues to be uncooperative they will then be written up and have to meet with the applicable principal.
4.  If student is still not in compliance, they will again meet with the Principal and driver to discuss disciplinary action/loss of riding privileges.