What is P.A.T.T.?

Parents/guardians And Teachers Together is a parent/guardian/staff group similar to a PTSA in schools. Elementary parents/guardians and staff work together to enhance the school experience for students and their families.  This is done by hosting family and community-based events as well as helping financially through fundraising. 

Just like any other volunteer organization, P.A.T.T. depends upon volunteers. Volunteers can devote as little or as much time they prefer.  Volunteering is a great way to get to know the school, staff, and other families while supporting your family’s school.

P.A.T.T. meetings are open to anyone (parents/guardians & staff) whether you are a member or not. Our meetings are a time to discuss upcoming events and promote ideas to make past events even better.

We’re always excited to see new faces and would love to hear your ideas for activities, events & fundraisers.

We meet the second Tuesday of every month. Meetings begin at 6 pm (typically ending around 7 pm) and are held in the Staff Lounge at the Elementary School. 


Please contact the P.A.T.T. Committee at
more information on how to become involved. 
For P.A.T.T. website questions, suggestions, or issues, please contact