Attention all 11th grade students:


The ACT will be administered in our district on Wed. April 19 and the MCA will be on Wed. May 3.  These tests are important for college entrance and colleges use the results to place you in the correct college math class.  In an effort to be proactive about many of you passing this test, we are offering online practice and instruction along with PRIZES.


What can you do to be prepared?

Use the website!  For each test you complete your name will go into a drawing for great prizes like $10 and $25 gift cards to Kwik Trip and the Eyota Market.


Directions for USA Test Prep website:

  • Create an account

    • Go to

    • Select "Member Login" on the upper right side of the screen.

    • Log in using the username and password you used in Geometry or Select "Create a New Account".

    • Create your own account using the following information:


                           School ID:  dovereyotamn

                           Student Activation Code:  newton38


  • Fill out the required login and personal information.


  • Log in

    • Once you have created an account, go back to the website and select "Member Login".

    • In the HOME tab, select the "Take a Benchmark Test" option.

      • You will need the following benchmark test codes:  


Test #1 code:               LASEFUREMA

Test #2 code:               NASAKONONU

Test #3 code:          JAKOLUXEKU

Test #4 code:         CAMEMOJOMU

Test #5 code:           BEYOZEZAKA

  • Select Report to Teacher

  • Choose Mr. Vrieze as your teacher

  • And 11th Grade as your class so you can get your name in the raffle.    

Complete the test to the best of your ability.  The website will then grade the test for you and forward your results to Mr. Vrieze.  At this point, you have two options:


  • You can take another practice test from the list of benchmark codes above.

  • Or you can select the MCA-III tab from your Home screen and and drop down to Mathematics.  This is a complete list of all topics on the test and how you have done on each topic.

    • Work on practice problems or watch videos in each of those domain/strand areas with a red or yellow dot rank.

If you are having an extreme amount of difficulty in one strand area, check out their teaching videos for more help!  Either way, be sure that you are working on your weak areas so as to improve your skills before the test in APRIL!!


Another online resource to help you prepare for the MCA:

A Mathematics MCA item sampler is available for you to use to become familiar with the format and item types.

Raffle drawings will be during brunch

Tue. April 18 and Tue. May 2.