Prepayment Information
Dover-Eyota Public Schools use a computerized prepaid meal accounting system. A payment into the student’s lunch account is necessary prior to or on the first day of school.

Prior to the first day of school, meal payments may be mailed or delivered to:
D-E District Office, Food & Nutrition Department
615 South Avenue SW, Eyota, MN 55934.

To purchase meals, a student’s meal account should have a positive balance. The Food Service Department will do their best to inform parents and students of a low account balance, but the final responsibility lies with the student and Parent/Guardian. You can check your student’s account balance on line at any time. Simply log on to, and follow the on-screen instructions.

How will I know when to send money?
Dover-Eyota Public Schools uses a system that will send balance notifications for school meals to your email and eventually text messages to your cell phone using information from JMC. Families will get a notification for each student within your household when their balance reaches negative .01.  This allows the district to make this process more efficient and going a more “Green” process by not using paper. 

No students will not be allowed to purchase ala carte items if the account does not have adequate funds to cover the purchase.

If your income has changed we do encourage you to fill out a free/reduced school meals application. These applications can be found at each school’s office or on-line at  

Graduating Seniors:

If you have a graduating senior with a balance it will be transferred it to a sibling account.

Students Moving out of Dover-Eyota Public Schools:
If your student is leaving the Dover-Eyota Public School District, please call the Food and Nutrition office to request a meal account refund.

If you have a PayPams account, please call Food and Nutrition office regarding refunding lunch account balances.

Angel Account:
Refunds for enrolled students will only be issued in amounts of $10.00 or greater. These balances will be transferred to the Angel Account and used for a needy student’s lunch account.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender.

Contact: Amy Renken, Food and Nutrition Director