The following are the reading essential skills. The fourth grade staff has selected these skills after reviewing the Minnesota Standards and working together with the entire elementary staff. Although these skills will be emphasized throughout the year, all reading skills will be taught and considered important for all fourth graders.

Reading Essential Skills:

Fourth grade students will...

1.) read fiction and non-fiction stories, then use information from the story to support conclusions and explain meaning.

2.) find the theme of a story, play, or poem and summarize the key ideas and details.

3.) describe the characters, setting, and events of the story.

4.) use context clues to find the meaning of words, phrases, and tone of a story.

5.) identify and explain the differences in how poems, dramas, or stories are written.

6.) determine whether stories are written in first-person or third-person.

7.) read non-fiction materials to identify main ideas and supporting details.

8.) read non-fiction materials and explain what happened and why.

9.) learn new vocabulary words and understand their uses in different subject areas.