The following are the math essential skills for fourth grade. These skills have been selected by the fourth grade staff based on the Minnesota Standards and the MCA test specs. Although we emphasize these identified skills, all math skills are still taught and considered extremely important for all fourth graders.

Math Essential Skills:

1.) Students will read and write decimals with words and numbers to the thousandths place.
2.)  Students will solve multi-step, real-world math problems by adding, subtracting, and multiplying. 
3.) Students will multiply multi-digit numbers.
4.) Students will locate, order, and compare fractions on a number line.
5.) Students will create and use input-output tables.
6.) Students will recognize translations, reflections, and rotations to show shapes are congruent.
7.) Students will find the area of any two dimensional figure by counting the total number of same size square units.
8.) Students will find the area of a rectangle by finding an array or counting the squares.
9.) Students will use tables, bar graphs, timelines, and Venn diagrams to display data.