Fountas and Pinnell is 4th grade's new reading curriculum this year. Guided reading (small group instruction), whole group instruction, shared reading, word study,  and independent reading will be implemented.  We will also work on many related skills such as, main idea, context clues, making generalizations, drawing conclusions, parts of speech, sentence writing, paragraph writing, and using correct grammar. 

We will continue to do Accelerated Reader (AR) which will consist mostly of reading done during silent reading time and at-home. The students may use any AR book from our school library, our classroom library, or any other book that has an AR quiz. We would still like to see 20 minutes of reading each night at home.  It can be any type of reading (i.e. AR books, children’s magazines, textbooks, or other books you have at home.)  We will have some time to read a few chapter books together. The students really enjoy that!


On Fridays, a new spelling list will be given out for the following week. During the week, we will practice writing the words and looking for spelling patterns. The test will be on Fridays, unless it's a shortened week and a different day is planned.


We use the Math Expressions curriculum. Students will learn geometry, work with fractions, multiplication and division, and problem solving. Students will be expected to master their multiplication facts, 


We will learn about systems of the body, matter, heat, electricity and magnetism, rocks and minerals, water cycle, and engineering. We will do experiments, demonstrations, and other fun hands-on activities.


We will focus on studying the regions of the United States, map skills, and practice learning the 50 states. At the end of the year, students are tested on all 50 states and capitals,  plus 20 other important locations.