Transition Supply List 2020-2021

1 Back Pack (no wheels)

1 Plastic pencil box

2 Pocket Folders 

8 Glue Sticks

1 Bottle of Glue

1 Pack of colored pencils

1  4-pack of dry erase markers

1 Spiral 70 Page Notebook

1 Pack Fine Tip Washable Markers 

1 Pack Broad Tip Washable Markers 

Large Towel for Rest Time

Please label the items above, students will not be allowed to share these items

1 Pack of Napkins (girls)

1 Box of kleenex (boys)

1 Box gallon size ziploc bags

1 Box sandwich size ziploc bags

Box of forks (girls)

Box of spoons (boys)

Container of disinfecting wipes 

1 Change of Clothing (including underwear and socks, place in a large ziploc bag with child’s name on the outside of the bag)

2 Boxes or Packages of store bought, non-perishable food items for our “Snack Bank.”   Please send enough to serve 20 people. 

Optional items include: paper towels, hand sanitizer