COVID-19 Staff saliva testing instruction, information and links
Dover-Eyota will be taking part in the COVID-19 saliva testing program for the foreseeable future. Below are the basic links to use for pre-registration for the program and day-of testing. Also below is a link to a video of D-E Nurse Chris Eck providing training on the testing (both the pre-registration as well as the day-of tests) that was recorded on Monday, January 18, 2021. Also below, an interview that Dr. Jeanne Svobodny did with D-E Nurses Chris Eck and Nicole Pochron about COVID-19 and health that was recorded on Monday, Feb 1, 2021

Pre-registration for the staff saliva testing program at Dover-Eyota
Only pre-register if you haven't done so earlier. Be sure to remember your password! Note that you may need to clear your
browser cookies if you have any trouble. Please watch the video (provided at the link below) for info and instructions for pre-registration!
               Preregistration Link:

COVID-19 saliva testing days
For the days you do saliva testing (generally, ever other week on Thursdays), a QR code will be available at the testing locations, but in case you are unable to easily use a QR Code, the link to start the saliva testing process is here:

Instructional video, presentation slide show and a two-part "Interview with the Dover-Eyota Nurses" video
Dover-Eyota Nurse Chris Eck provided training for the saliva testing, along with pre-registration instruction, and what to expect on the days you perform the procedures for the saliva test. The slide show that Chris used for the presentation is also provided below as a Google SlideShow.
     Instructional Video (recorded Monday January 18, 2021)

     Google Slide Show Presentation for COVID-19 staff saliva testing

     Interview with the Dover-Eyota Nurses (recorded Monday, February 1, 2021)
          Part 1:
          Part 2: