Meet the Teacher

Mr. Hak was born in a small town called Leonardtown, about an hour and a half south of Washington DC. He graduated from Frostburg State University (Western MD) with a major in both Health and Physical Education. After graduation he moved back twords home to begin teaching middle school health and PE at Esperanza. The stay in Southern Maryland was short lived as he then picked up and moved down to Gainesville Florida. For the next three years he worked as an associate director at a large residentail summer camp (Camp Laurel South). For this job he spent his winters in Florida and then headed up to Maine every summer to act as the head counselor.
So you are probably wondering... Eyota Minnesota, how did he end up here. At Laurel South Mr. Hak began dating his now wife Kari Grob. And for you Winona State fans her father coached baseball at WSU for about 37 years. Kari could not be taken away from her family so here he came to the great metropolis of Eyota.
Mr. Hak in his spare times still enjoys many activities including fishing, hiking, camping, snowboarding, cooking, and of course soccer. School keeps him pretty busy but he still finds time to enjoy some of the lighter sides of life. In his summers Mr. Hak is still involved in the world of camping and returns to Maine with his family every summer.