Classroom Expectations and Grading Policy

My goal for each student that I work with is for them to gain the skills necessary to go on and become happy and productive citizens. I want them to have realistic goals and have the skills to accomplish those goals. In order to do this, I feel it is very important for parents, students, school staff and any necessary outside agencies to work together as a team.

Students are expected to be on time, be prepared, and be respectful to school staff and their peers. This classroom is designed to be a safe environment for students. Students are also expected to be involved in their IEP meetings and meeting the goals of their IEP's.

If students do not follow the expectations of the classroom, consequences could be, but are not limited to a phone call home, meeting with parents, office referral, removal from the classroom, in-school suspension, or out-of school suspension.

Students are graded according to behaviors, work completed in classes, their journal writings, and their progress on their IEP goals.

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