Grading Procedures

In fourth, fifth, and sixth grade, we use the same grading scale. It is as follows:

90% - 100%     A
80% -  89%      B
70% -  79%      C
60% -  69%      D

I do not grade all assignments. I typically grade daily assignments in which we have had an opportunity to practice the particular skill. Most projects and tests are graded.


Assignment Notebooks


In fourth grade we have an assignment notebook. All assignments for the day are written on the side board. Each child is responsible for writing down all assignments for the day. If the student is done with an assignment, I have them mark the "done" box. This process makes it possible for parents to know all that the child worked on that day. Hopefully it will also open up dialogue as to what was already accomplished and what needs to be done. It is very beneficial for me if parents take time to check and sign the assignment notebook to be sure assignments have been completed. Also, please record daily at-home reading in your child's assignment notebook.