Billing questions: please email or call Tara Dabelstein (district office), (507) 545-2125 or Toll Free at 1-866-847-9863, .

Payment Procedure Payment is due upon receipt. Families will be billed according to attendance option on registration, plus any applicable fees-including:

  • Registration fees, field trips, late fees, failure to turn in an attendance calendar on time. 
Payments may be:
  • Dropped off to the SACC program, elementary office, or district office.  See district web page for hours.
  • Mailed to “SACC, D-E Schools, 615 South Ave. SW, Eyota, MN 55934”. Clearly label SACC on envelope. 
  • Cash must be dropped off at the District Office.  Please request receipt. 


Billing Charges 

  • Bills are emailed every week to the account payer(s) when they owe $50 or more. Advise if you want bills more frequently. 

  • Please make checks payable to Dover-Eyota SACC.

  • Billing contains scheduled care fees and field trip expenses. 

  • If payment is not made, you will be notified that your payment is overdue. 

  • Parents with separate custody or separate arrangements are encouraged to set up separate accounts for billing. This is also to your benefit when claiming daycare on your tax return. 


Past Due Payments

After a two-week period of no payment in the Summer or a three-week period of no pay during the School Year, unless other arrangements have been made with the District Office, child(ren) will not be allowed to attend Eagle’s Nest until payment is made in full.  Parent will be notified by email or mail regarding a suspension of services.  

Accounts that are long overdue will receive a letter seeking payment.  Lack of response to such requests may force the district to turn the account into a collections agency.


Attendance Cancellation Policy

  • Attendance cancellation requires a 2-week notice to avoid charges. 

  • If notice is not received on time, family will be charged the FULL scheduled fee and any field trip expenses scheduled. 

  • Exemptions not billed: illness (School year: 5 days.  Summer: 2 days), emergency doctor/dental appointment, or funeral.   


Withdrawal Policy  

A one-week notification from a parent/guardian planning to withdraw their child(ren) from the program is required.  Fees will be charged 2-weeks from the date of notification.  


Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Checks

When a non-sufficient funds check is received, a letter is sent to the check writer.  The letter will indicate how many days are allowed for restoring the check before a $30 fee is charged.  


Child Care Assistance

  • For families who need financial assistance, scholarships are available through the Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program (Olmsted County 507-328-6500 and Fillmore County (507-765-2175).  

  • Until you are approved for child care assistance, you are responsible for all SACC charges.

  • The Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program requires that you submit to SACC a copy of your child’s current immunization record.

 Annual Statement of Charges/Tax Number 

For tax purposes, a child care payment summary will be emailed to payee in January of each year. The tax information number is 41-6002834.