The Eagle’s Nest program offers a variety of activities in both group and individual situations.  Some of the activities offered include:  arts and crafts, sports, science, creative and dramatic play, books and music, manipulative and construction toys, outdoor play, the computer lab and special events.  Weather permitting, children will spend time outdoors each day and/or will be allowed to use the gym for active play.  “Free time” will be provided for the children to pursue their own interests in a safe and friendly environment.   The program will offer games daily that support math (Uno, Phase 10, Mancala, card games, flash cards, etc.).  SACC will also have optional time each day for children to do quiet reading, and/or staff reading to them.  

SACC Student Expectations 

  • Respect self, others and property 

  • Use acceptable language 

  • Use appropriate physical contact with students, staff, equipment and property

  • Follow the direction of the staff 

  • Ask for permission to leave an area 

  • Be responsible and accountable for one's actions 

  • Abide by all SACC and district policies