Congratulations to the Dover-Eyota Graduating Class of 2020! The end of the school year has not been what anyone expected it would be just a few months ago because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Graduation Ceremonies have also been affected. For the Class of 2020 and their families here is some information and links related to this year's Graduation ceremonies to listen to and/or watch:

First of all, Dover-Eyota wishes to extend a THANK YOU to KFIL Radio. At noon on Sunday, May 31st, KFIL Radio broadcasted a prerecorded audio version of the Graduation speeches and music. The audio from that broadcast is included in the Graduation Video and please see below for the link to view that!

Dover-Eyota has completed a Graduation Video for the 2020 Graduates. It includes a video version of the Graduation speeches and music, as well as the video of each Graduate receiving their diplomas from the Sunday, May 31st ceremonies, but in this video, the graduates are presented in alphabetical order! In essence it is a video version of what would have been the "usual" Graduation Ceremonies for the Class of 2020. It was hoped that video will be ready for viewing by Wednesday afternoon, June 3rd, but the video took a little longer to complete than expected, and wasn't completed until the weekend of June 6-7! It is now, however, available for viewing! It is a video shared via a Google Folder online at this link:  You will not need any log-in to view this video. This link was also emailed to the graduates and their families on Tuesday, June 9th. You should be able to watch it using any web browser on a computer, laptop, or from your mobile device. If you wish, you can also download the video for your own personal use. It got quite lengthy (approximately 1 hour, 41 minutes!), but we hope it will be a memento of what turned out to be a very different ending to the school careers for the D-E Class of 2020!.

You can also watch the recording of the entire live video feed of the 2020 Graduates receiving their diplomas which took place on Sunday, May 31st beginning at about 1pm and lasting until about 4:30pm, using a stage set up at the Bus Garage area that was done in response to the graduation guidelines given to schools by the Minnesota Department of Education. This video recording is available on Dover-Eyota's NFHS Network website as an "on-demand" option, and will be viewable at this particular link:
You will need a username and password to view this video on the NFHS Network website. The username to use is: and the password to use is DE2019#nfhs (Note that this video is unedited and the graduates do not appear in alphabetical order)

Nothing will be able to replace the traditional ceremonies for our Graduates, but all of us at Dover-Eyota hope that the efforts by our staff as well as KFIL Radio will still provide some special memories! Congratulations 2020 Dover-Eyota Graduates!